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Our community is enthusiastically Christian, and made up of many perspectives, voices, and people (including those who have often been marginalized or excluded from church life).


We describe ourselves as Progressive Christians. But what does that mean?

As Progressive Christians, we are passionate about the life and teachings of Jesus Christ; yet how we understand and apply those teachings varies. The beliefs, customs, and backgrounds of our members are diverse. We don't place barriers or litmus tests for you to join. Our guiding principle is respect, even in our differences.

As a non-creedal church (which is simply a fancy way of saying "many beliefs are welcome"), we welcome doubters, seekers, and skeptics, as well as those of firm faith, as we all seek to follow the example of Jesus Christ: "Love your neighbor as yourself." 

As an extension of our Progressive Christianity, we are an Open & Affirming congregation, which means that no category of culture, race, background, socio-economic status, mental or physical ability, gender identity, or sexual orientation will ever be grounds for exclusion in the life and leadership of Park Church.


At Park, all are welcome!

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